You’ve decided to try your hand and intellect at being a Finder. So, what type of Innovation Challenges can you expect to find? There are four categories. We urge you to check them all out. Even if they seem out of your realm of experience, your fresh ideas and thoughts might lead to the best solution. Take that step and Find answers.

Are you a big sage? Do you like to brainstorm and find new ideas, new paths to solutions? The Innoaf Idea Contest lets you lend your imagination, resourcefulness and understanding to a variety of problems. All we need is a description of your great enterprise, and there's a guarantee that at least one Finder will win an award. Concise posting periods connote quicker responses. There's no transfer of intellectual property - instead, you grant the Huntsman a nonexclusive permit to use your submission.

To win hypothetical Challenges, submit a detailed and thorough description of a solution that meets the Huntsman's needs.  You will be required to either transfer or license the Intellectual property in your solution to the Huntsman. You'll win a substantial financial reward if your solution is chosen and will get a technical evaluation of your work if it isn't.

Cutback To Rehearsal
In CTR quest, in addition to a detailed description, you are asked to present physical evidence that yours is the best solution. You’re given more time to respond, and the cash awards are larger to reflect the greater commitment required to work on these quests. Longer posting periods allow you time to generate data needed to support your proposal. As with the Hypothetical Challenges, even if your solution is not chosen, you'll get a technical evaluation explaining why your solution was not selected.

e-Requirements for Proposal
If your organization provides contract services, then let Innoaf bring Requirements for Proposals right to your desktop. Search the Innoaf Electronic Requirements for Proposal Quests, and submit proposals that detail how your organization best fits the skills and experience that the Huntsman wants. Unlike the other Quests where a cash award is granted for the winning solution, eRequirements for Proposal winners negotiate the terms of the contract directly with the Seeker.

There are several ways to engage in the Finder community. Join the discussion and meet like-minded problem Solvers. Or find a potential team member that complements your background and area of expertise on a specific Quest. Read about some of our more prolific Finders. One day, you might be featured!
Welcome your community and we are sure you’ll appreciate.

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