Becoming a Finder, you’ll have access to important problems from companies, government agencies and not-for-profits around the world. There are two paths to finding problems. You can join the Worldwide Finder Network or solve your company’s Challenges posted via an Innoaf@Work Web portal.

Innoaf’s Worldwide Finder Network
1. Get started. It’s quick, easy and free. Register now.
2. Browse for a Challenge that’s right for you. You can sort challenges according to your interest, expertise or by the reward amount.
3. Now that you’ve picked the Challenge, open a project room. It’s in this secure space that you can request additional information, ask questions and submit solutions. Some Challenges allow you to assemble or work in teams.
4. Let your creative juices flow. Once you are satisfied with your solution, write it up for submission.
5. Check the deadline! Every Challenge has one. Be sure to submit your solution on time.
6. Your heavy lifting is over. Now it's our turn. We'll review all solutions and send them to the Seeker.
7. If your solution is chosen you'll be notified by us. Congratulations are in order. We'll walk you through the transfer of intellectual property if applicable.
8. Repeat step 2

Solve Your Company’s Problems with Innoaf @Work
Innoaf@Work has a Web portal that facilitates collaborative problem solving within your company. Check to see if your company has one.
1. Solving problems with Innoaf@Work.
2. Browse your company’s specific Challenges.
3. Review your colleagues’ discussion threads and forum postings.
4. Join the conversation, building on suggestions posted, adding your own ideas, and voting on the solutions you like best.
5. Receive feedback from the manager who posted the Challenge.
6. Keep contributing until the problem is solved.
7. At your company’s discretion, employees will be recognized and rewarded for their contribution.

Innoaf is an open market place where transaction (buying and selling of solutions is carried Read more
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