What is Innovation Africa?

Innoaf is a product that is developed to solve problems. As the name implies, we innovate better for companies and find the fastest path to solutions. Ideas, knowledge, intelligence and new approaches are important and relevant for the success and achievement of any establishment.

Innoaf for Huntsman: Developing Innovation Power

Our job is professionalism in Innovation Hunt. This has been achieved by setting up a team of professionals as Finders and also encourages collaboration with you (Co-Finder) as a joint effort to finding solutions to problems. This service is developmental to you and us as it expands your horizon or views and approach by using our Worldwide Finder Network and self motivated services and products.

Innoaf for Finders: Sought, Ready minds Then be a part of Worldwide Finder Network (WFN). Here you get what work you want to do, what time and once you are done solving, you have a CASH AWARD, acknowledgment and contentment of making the world better. “Success is making the world around you better than the way you met it”.

What matters to us:
Innoaf is an open market place where transaction (buying and selling of solutions is carried Read more
What matters to us:Our Solutions Huntsman Finders
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